AboutĀ Us

Founded in 2020 by Chris Cusimano and Daniel Lassman, Coaching by Cusi (formerly Suit Up Agents) is a real estate marketing and sales training program that's different. We teach you proven marketing tactics so you can build a business strategy that's fun and works for your lifestyle.

How We Got Started

Chris and Dan metĀ when they wereĀ in elementary school at Whispering Pines in Boca Raton, FL in the late 1980s and early 90s. Whether playing football at recess, teaming up in little league baseball, or causing trouble in the neighborhood (hey, we were kids), the two were buddies until they graduated from Olympic Heights High School in 2000.

Chris began his real estate career in 2002, paying his dues and doing the difficult things that most agents don't like to do. These were formative years and taught Chris that thereĀ hadĀ to be a better way.

Dan went to college and graduated in 2004 and began a career working in sports. After realizing this wasn't for him, he moved into his true work passion, digital marketing.

It wasn't until 2016 thatĀ Dan and Chris met up when Chris became his real estate agent. Dan still owns this house and now rents it out, also at Chris's advice.

Then in 2020 just before the start of the pandemic, Chris reached out to Dan and said, "Hey, I've started doing trainings online. You should check it out. Maybe we can team up." After some skepticism, and some laziness, Daniel relented and attended a training.

Dan immediately knew that what Chris wasĀ teaching was different and wanted to see where this thing could go. After six months of planning, recording and building, the first iteration of Coaching by Cusi, TheĀ Suit UpĀ Agents, was born.

Since launching, we'veĀ helped thousands ofĀ real estate agents build their marketing with proven strategies and easy-to-implement tactics.